Collaboration between HDA and HMA: What’s in it for you?


Attention HDA Members: We are glad to inform you that because of our collaboration with Hispanic Market Advisors (HMA), HDA members are now eligible to contribute content in order to be featured on


For your own convenience, as a participating dentist, you can submit content in English and will translate it to Spanish at no cost for you, the dentist. Alternatively, you can create a blog entry from scratch. Either way, follow the link below to submit the request.


Create your Blog Post and Reach New Hispanic Clients in Your Local Community:


Proper attribution will give proper attribution along with a link to the dentist’s website. By sharing their knowledge and expertise with the Hispanic community in the United States, participating dentists will showcase their practice to this audience and increase opportunities to bring new patients in need of their professional services.


Benefits for dentists

At Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) and Hispanic Market Advisors (HMA) we understand that the best way for dentists to reach Hispanic prospects and patients in search of dental services is to allow them to find them on the Web. For this reason, we are developing this program where dentists can contribute content to Odontologia-us at no cost for HDA members


Reach US Hispanics

Take this opportunity to ask us questions and begin publishing blogs that will help you reach the fastest growing segment of our nation. In turn, you will have a unique and targeted chance to increase your traceability and addressability- essential components to connect with new patients in need of your professional services. If any questions about this message or to learn other ways that can benefit your practice, please contact Carolina Peña by email at


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