For Dentists: How We Can Help Your Business

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Here at Hispanic Market Advisors and we understand that the best way to reach Hispanic prospects and patients in search of dental services is to allow them to find your website. For this reason, we ask that you contribute content you would like to share to our blog, at no cost to you. We will give you proper attribution along with a link to your website. By sharing your knowledge and expertise with the Hispanic community in the United States, you will increase opportunities to bring new patients in need of your professional services.

If you’d like, we will also present you with the opportunity to create an individual profile in our website dedicated specially to your professional field. This option requires an affordable monthly fee.

Create Your Own Blog

We will set it up for you. Click on “how to contribute content” in order to be featured on (one blog post per month).

In Collaboration with Hispanic Dental Association (HDA)

If you are a dentist residing in the United States and active professional member of Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), you are eligible to submit two blog posts per month (instead of one) to be featured at

Business Profile and Promotion – Take it a step further!

If you’d like greater visibility of your professional services and medical practice, please click here to request a consultation. We will quickly show you how to advertise on  and will later contact you with a few questions about your practice and the dental services you offer. This will help us create your individual profile –click here for a sample profile.

Reach the Hispanic Community

Our knowledge of the Hispanic marketplace prompted us to offer our services so that you can reach the most prominent minority ethnic group according to the 20120 Census.

We will focus on our efforts while you focus on yours; to this end, you will be able to continue enriching your practice and your business in order to achieve success.

Our mission is to keep you in touch with the Hispanic American community, making them aware of your field of expertise while allowing you to continue advancing your medical practice.

It will be our pleasure to publish your blog, work on your individual profile, and introduce you to the Hispanic American community in your community.

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